Passion For Success

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How to find your Passion for Success in 6 easy steps from Talk Shout Cast.

It is important to find out what makes you passionate to succeed in your current work or profession.  This has to be broken down into both short term and long term goalsPlease write down your goals and tell other people so they can help you with accountability.

For the short term goal, what will you do on a day to day basis to achieve the monthly goal you have set.  It is important to break down each activity and how long they should be performed to complete the necessary task.

For example if you are a realtor and your monthly goal is to buy or sell 3 houses a month.  How much time every day will be spent answering leads and calling prospective clients?  How many houses would you have to show on a given day?  How about calling different mortgage loan brokers to see if they need assistance with clients that were recently approved?

Try to keep all distractions away while you perform these tasks so you can concentrate and give 110% of your focus.  You will be able to effectively break down your daily duties and calculate exactly how many productive hours should be spent to complete each task.  This will help you stay more focused and help hit your short term goals.

Another way to find your passion for success is to do something that is uncomfortable or not normal.  A great example might be to conduct a short interview with successful people already in the same work or industry as yourself.   (more…)


To Be a Leader or Not to be

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Being a leader does not mean that you have to have the ability to tell people what to do.  Leadership is a bigger picture; it involves so many other abilities such as humility, hard work and team building.  In a nutshell being a leader means that you recognize that you are a support system not a leader.

I always tell my employees that they do not work for me; I work for them.  It is my job to ensure that they have all the skills and training they need to succeed in their positions.  It is also our duty to ensure that employees are motivated and on task.  Starting out from an entry level job to being a manager I know and understand how my employees feel every day when they come to work.

First; the open door policy is highly important; letting your employees know that they have a place to go for questions, help, or just a friendly ear makes them feel that their support structure is not out of reach.  Click here for my open door policy.

Second; do not employ out of need, employ people you enjoy working with.  Recently I read an article in INC magazine online (BERCOVICI, 2015) regarding how Mark Zuckerberg decides who to hire; his thoughts are if you can’t imagine working for them; then you probably won’t want to work with them.  A part of this process for me though is work with people who can think on their own, who have the ability to think outside the box and who are self motivated.



My best day working as a bartender

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Today was my best day working as a bartender at Caesars Palace.  My biggest tip came from a group of middle aged men that were visiting from San Diego.  One of the guys whose name was Manny is the owner of and he gave me $140 for tip.  There were five businessmen in that group and Manny mentioned he was up four thousand dollars playing blackjack.


He told me about a particular shoe which he won 8 out of 10 hands and pushed on the other 2.  So he didn’t lose for 10 hands!  Manny doesn’t recall a time where he won $4,000 playing blackjack in one sitting in Vegas.  He was as excited as a little kid winning games at Circus Circus.



Nathan’s Strategy

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Nathan went 1-1 on his plays yesterday but as I was typing up my blog he placed the Washington Nationals to beat the New York Yankees and that won.  He had a profitable day yesterday.


A big guideline he uses in his sports betting is that he never bets on parlays.  He also has a lot of patience and doesn’t bet every game or every day.  Sometimes he would go a week without placing a single bet.  He also mentions that a single game will not make or break his season.  He is in this for the long haul and knows what plays to bet on.


After he builds his account up, he does something unorthodox.  He doesn’t use simple bankroll strategy and sometimes bets $400-500 a game when his balance is $2500 or so.  Yes it is very risky but he seems to know when to place those strong bets.  Overall he does keep his bets consistent between $100-200 a game.



Online Sports Betting

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ATLANTA - JUNE 21: Atlanta Braves take on the Washington Nationals on June 21, 2010 in Atlanta.  The Braves defeated the Nationals 5-0.

My friend and roommate Nathan is a big Texas Hold’em Poker player and also an avid sports bettor.  He has actually had 3 online sportsbook limit his betting because he has won so much betting on sports.


The first sportsbook he used was called hrwager.  He took his $1,000 initial investment and got up to $5,100 and they limited his bets to $50/game or wager.  He was very sad about this because he was having such a nice run.  He bets on NFL, MLB and NBA game lines.


After he was limited on hrwager he cashed out and took his money; he went with another sportsbook called Bovada, previously known as BoDog.  His initial investment of $700 turned into $4200 on Bovada and then they lowered his limit to $25/bet.  Nathan was very pleased with how fast he received his money from Bovada.  After he hit the withdraw funds button he received a check by FedEx within a week.



Hello and welcome to my new blog

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Hello everyone, my name is Caleb Michaels and welcome to my new blog called Talk Shout Cast.  I just wanted to give everyone a warm greeting and I will be back to write more content shortly.